Products I LOVE that LOVE giving back.

Valentine's Day is HERE! 

I figured instead of writing some cheesy post about about how much I love my husband, dog and anything chocolate [it's nauseatingly accurate], I'd take a different route. 

I thought... hey... how about letting the people know of some great things out there that LOVE giving back and have a really cool backstory? 

I scoured and found a few brands with products I LOVE that LOVE giving back. So have your wallet handy [+ tissues], because these will tug at your heart strings [+ bank account] for sure. 

1. Warby Parker

I don't know when it happened, but I needed glasses. I blame the interwebs and LED screens for my issues and migraines. Nobody likes to insta late night with a migraine, amirite? And nobody likes to pay a fortune for a pair of glasses that inevitably go missing after a few months? And nobody likes to wear the same pair ALL the time? Hellloooooo I change like the seasons! 

Anyway, Warby Parker's story is HERE. In sum? You buy a pair, they give a pair.

Warby Parker has distributed over a million pairs of glasses to those in need. In addition, their nonprofit trains men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses. It provides sustainability and an income for those in the communities of need. (from website)

Their specs begin at $95 (!!!!!!).

Also, they allow you to try 5 pairs within 5 days for a free trial... yep... mailed straight to your house. I mean they are stylish, affordable AND FOR A GOOD CAUSE! 

2. R Riveter

You had me at military. 

Two military spouses created this company while their husbands were deployed on duty. The sewing provided the women with fellowship and craftsmanship on base where they set up shop in an attic. It ultimately evolved into a brand and now produces BEAUTIFUL handbags [+ other products] with the hope to inspire, engage and empower. YASSSSSS! 

Their full story is HERE

FullSizeRender 10 copy 2.jpg

R. Riveter: Owned by Military Spouses. Providing portable careers to Military Spouses. Producing quality products, hand crafted by Military Spouses. (from website)

ps: I also love that this company's story began in Dahlonega,GA. It really is the cutest town and a perfect place to get away on the weekend!

pps: this company was featured on Shark Tank and have really started taking off!


3. The South Candle

My girls over at South help you look good and smell amazing! Okay, they don't have a perfume line, BUT they do have these adorable and yummy smelling candles! And you guessed it, they go to a good cause. 

Here's the 411 on these beauts: 

“Espwa” means Hope in the Haitian language. Hope is something that the Haitians hold dear as they rebuild their lives and communities. Education is one of the many venues that needs help getting back on track. With the purchase of the Espwa candle, $5 of the proceeds will go to Help One Now. Their 2015 Legacy Project is based on rebuilding the education system in Haiti. By providing classrooms, books, salaries for teachers, and so much more, the proceeds from this candle will truly aid in Help One Now’s mission to provide “Espwa” through education in Haiti.

The normal greeting of the Nepali people is “Namaste." However, brothers and sisters of the Christian faith greet one another with the word Jaymasee, meaning “Praise be to the Messiah/Victory in Christ." Due to the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal, jobs and an income are few and far between. Human trafficking numbers have sky rocketed. Fathers are actually selling their daughters into this lifestyle, just to feed the rest of the family. We hope this candle will bring awareness to this horrific crime and cause more people to get involved in aiding these women.

和平 - Peace
Structure is crucial in the Chinese lifestyle. Once a child is old enough to go to college, they are free to make more decisions in their lives. Missionaries from your own backyards (Alabama, South Carolina, & Georgia), are dedicating their lives to spreading The Gospel to countless Chinese students, who have never had the chance to hear it. With the purchase of this candle, you are allowing eager students a chance to hear about the hope and freedom that comes through knowing Jesus. By spreading His word and love, we hope people all over China will come together and peacefully unite.

For more information please email! They aren't even in stores yet! So tell them I sent you :) 

4. Lamon Luther

This company was founded by Brian Preston, a Douglasville, GA native. Brian had overheard a conversation during lunch about a "village in the woods" and saw a makeshift camp, full of men who had fallen during tough times. Many of these guys were builders and craftsmen who had lost work and couldn't get on their feet. 

So why purchase from Lamon Luther? Well, their reclaimed farm tables are to die for... BUT theres a better reason:

Lamon Luther is about keeping this art alive, building hope and creating opportunity for homeless carpenters. We achieve this by putting tools in their hands, and building the finest handcrafted furniture in the world. Each piece carries the blood, sweat and tears of our carpenters and a story of hope and opportunity. (from website)

Their full story is HERE! But seriously click the link, watch the videos... and then shoot them an email if you have a custom order! The beautiful bread Ella Mae board (pictured above) was even a 2015 Southern Living best of holiday gifts! 

5. Love Your Melon

Okay so this one might be the most recognized product because they have done a phenomenal job with their marketing! Their beanies are selling like hotcakes!

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students across the country on a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America. (from website)

Their full story is HERE

Incredible, right? It makes me feel as though I was absolutely worthless in college after seeing what those two guys have done! Bravo! 

So happy Valentine's day from me to you... these are products + brands I LOVE who LOVE giving back!

Happy shopping :)