Dig Sports

Niki quickly learned she was never going to make it to the next level playing sports. She figured reporting to the masses and covering games was the ideal solution. She's been affiliated with ESPN, SECN, FSS and HLN among other networks as a TV host, reporter and anchor.


Love Life

The loves of Niki's life: her husband, her daughter, her pup, black coffee, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, George Strait, red lipstick, the book of James, Netflix binges, charcuterie boards, anything Chocolate, Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights, and Laffy Taffy jokes. 


Hate Sitting Still

An adrenaline junkie, Niki will [almost] try anything [legal] once. Whether it's jumping out of a plane, eating a chocolate worm [ew], driving fast cars, attempting water sports, or getting lost in a foreign town, she loves to explore and try new things.

TV Host, reporter and emcee

Niki Noto has hosted television shows on major networks and covered the big games. She's worked in arenas and stadiums filled with thousands of people. She's the one with a unique delivery and makes you feel like you've known her forever when you watch her on TV. She's incredibly enthusiastic about her job and is the same bubbly spirit off the field, as she is on the field. 

So if you're looking for your next TV Host, Reporter, or Emcee, look no further than Niki Noto.

Wife, MOM, Daughter & Friend

Everyone knows Niki Noto, the TV Host, Reporter and Emcee! You've watched her on the sidelines, followed her on social media and learned something while watching her interviews. But there is someone else that few people know, until now. Niki welcomed her first child just a few months ago and has a new outlook (but same balance) on life.