Niki's North Point, vol. 2


The past 30 days have been a whirlwind, to say the least.

My husband started a new job and is LOVING being a financial planner. I really can’t imagine my little numbers nark doing anything else. Finances have always been a priority in our family and I’m proud of him for helping others feel financial freedom. You go, Glen Coco!

April 1st we lost our Pup, Pippa and it was a difficult season for our family. Michael had been at his job for a week and we were enjoying our first weekend with the band back together. We were devastated. Our daily routine completely vanished. Pip got us through some really tough lows we experienced the past year during a monumental transitional time in our life.

So after we lost Pip, I went and spent a week with my dad while Michael was at work. I think we take things like that for granted… spending a week with your parents who you don’t see all of the time. We watched the Masters and played golf all week.  We went through old pictures and bonded like we haven’t had the chance to do in a long time. He even went into every antique store the town offered… and enjoyed it. I think :)  It was better than any type of medicine or therapist I probably thought I needed at the time. He was just what I needed and I continued to miss him so much when I left and went back home. I still do.

I came home Friday, April 8th.  And on April 9th, Michael and I went to the Atlanta Humane Society. We made it past mayyyyybe 2 kennels before we brought sweet Dottie home. It probably wasn't the most responsible decision, but we can’t describe what happened on that day. She totally picked us and became our girl. She’s our little Dottie Bug and Pippa would have loved her!

On April 11th I began a new job. I’m now the Creative Director at North Point Community Church (aka home of Andy Stanley for those of you who know the name) and beyond joyful, grateful and in love with my new gig and team. I also ended up in urgent care on my first day, because, life. #JustCallMeGrace I woke up with the room spinning, feeling dizzy and incredibly nauseous. I could barely eat at our team breakfast. Long story short, I made it to Urgent Care and received fluids for dehydration. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. My body and nerves were absolutely shot from the highs and lows of the past few weeks. And while we’re on the injury report, fast forward to April 28th… hello broken toe and sprained ankle. Yep. I was throwing away my coffee after a meeting when BAM I tripped, and the injuries ensued. I really wish I had a better story for that one. Like, you should see the other guy! Amirite? 

Strugglebus aside, I need to mention my job again. I am SO happy. I am so freaking excited to be a part of the Service Progamming team and serve as their Creative Director. I’ve been in broadcasting since ever and who knew how transferrable my skills were? I already knew my left-brain was pretty much non-existent and hey, I guess it really can come in handy being a visionary and right-brain heavy?

I love pitching and executing creative content, storytelling, producing, writing, helping others get better in my craft, hosting and managing ideas/projects (or live events) from start to finish. My gamedays are now Sundays and call me bias, but we’re the real MVP. North Point does it well. I mean really, really, well and I feel honored to be looped into the mix and know what I do everyday is exponentially helping and leading others towards a relationship with Christ.

So the Cherry on top (with sprinkles. I love sprinkles)?

I work with the coolest and most generous people who support and encourage my skillset and ulterior endeavors.

In sum?

I can still hang on the sideline and cover college football this fall. I can still be “Niki Noto” when it comes to opportunities that don't interfere with my current responsibilities or schedule. We figure both environments and experiences are interchangeable and we collectively get better as a team. Since the people I work with are also well equipped with various talents of awesomeness, they too are often speaking or engaging in contract endeavors on the side. 

I don’t believe in participation trophies, but I feel like I want to place the biggest one there is right in front of my face when I wake up every morning. 

I feel incredibly #HashtagBlessed for my new work family and FINALLY feel like I have achieved a (healthy) professional and personal balance, which provides sustainability and longevity.

North Point has played such a pivotal role in my life since I moved to Atlanta. I’m SO grateful for the church and the service they provide for those who attend. And now that I’m a part of putting that production, err service together is yeah… the coolest gig in the world.

… and now I shall get back to writing my scripts. Today I’m balancing between honoring our graduates for Senior Sunday and writing my open, leads and tags for the ACC Spring Football Special airing on Fox Sports South.