Ah, yes. A cheesy thanksgiving [I’m T H A N K F U L] post.

In all seriousness though… thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect and gain perspective on how the Lord continues to bless you. Here are just a few of many things I'm thankful for this past year... 

[one]: Home.

I’m thankful we’re home and have the means to provide a roof over our head. 2015 marks the first year Michael and I have woken up in our home over Thanksgiving. We’ve spent the past few years away from our families due to work and it’s bittersweet to know we’ll be able to walk downstairs and create traditions of our own.

[two]: Grace.

I’m thankful more than ever for God’s grace. He’s given me a different perspective on certain areas of my life. I like to think he’s given me great wisdom and opportunities to redirect my directions. I’ve been able to forgive, forget, and let go of things or people I’ve held on to for too long. I’ve learned focusing on God’s grace allows you to shift your energy towards the right places and people. It’s okay to move on.

[three]: Service.

I’m thankful the Lord provides various outlets to serve and give back to others. I learned through my personal experience with service it takes the attention of our desires or even anxiety and allows us to plug into a place to gain perspective. A real perspective. I feel like it’s step one to healing or happiness, whichever one you’re searching for…

[four]: 4 paws.

I’m thankful for the newest addition to our Palmer clan who turns one next week! My poor husband put up with me for months about wanting a “dog”. In comes Pippa Palmer and she gives us such joy. I never knew I’d love a little 4 paw’d baby as much I do.

[five]: Football.

Yes, I’m thankful for football. I’m thankful for ACC football because they [Fox/Raycom] gave me an opportunity to cover a conference this year and it was my favorite gig thus far. I spent the past 4 years “chasing a dream” and not feeling completely “accepted”, “approved” or “chosen” by previous endeavors. My confidence was rocked and my performance seemed lackluster. I am thankful for this season and being put in a situation where I felt like I belonged and flourished. 

I hope you all take the time in between trips to the kitchen for seconds and the cadence count from your pickup game to genuinely stop and think of a few things you're thankful for. I think too often we get caught up in wanting what we don't have, we often forget about the abundance before us. And yes, most of those things you can't even put a price tag on.

Happy Thanksgiving.