So the Powerball is tonight and we bought tickets.

I told Michael I felt like we would never be blessed with such a lump sum, because we are already so fortunate. There are obviously a lot of other people who desperately need the life changing money.

However, it opened a broader conversation. We’ve been talking a lot lately about “when is enough is enough?” I mean really, when will the day come when we stop wanting more, because we can always have and desire more.

So naturally it sparked the obvious question, “what would we do with that ginormous amount of money???”

First, we addressed the worldly things we’d ideally like:

·      Build a lakehouse on our property. Yeah, I know it sounds silly to have 2 homes in itself, but when you already have the property to build on…. Why not? Who are we kidding, we’d probably sell our house and just move into that one on Lake Keowee, because it’s pretty beautiful. Or maybe we’d scratch the lake all together and get one in the mountains, because, well you just won the Powerball.

·      New Zealand. Yes, we’d want to go to New Zealand. It’s expensive as all get out to get there and when you’re husband is 6’5 250 (okay more like 230 now, skinny Minnie) flying coach is quite miserable. So call us snobs, but we’d punch that first class ticket all da way to see those Kiwis. Yes, I’m aware these are notably first world problems.

·      We would like to franchise our own Waffle House. Or maybe just buy it all and expand to Southern California so our best friends out there (Hey Sarah and Nolan!) could eat it every day. But hey, they have Del Taco and sometimes life isn’t fair.

Okay, so now what we’d REALLY love to do with all dat cash money? You ready? Give it all away. Be Rich style. Don’t know what that term means? Watch here!!!!! 

Yeah that’s one of the million (I guess 5 million) reasons why we love our church (North Point Community Church). I love our church because of their investment in people. I mean tell me that video doesn’t give you all the feels? Yep. That’s what I would want to do with all of my money. I strongly believe investing in people is exponentially worth more than anything a dollar could buy.

I’d love to give back to organizations and philanthropies whose purposes I believe in. The world changers. I want to give my money to those peeps. Our world becomes such a better place when we take our time to invest in people rather than things we can’t take with us when we’re gone. I found myself making a list of all of these people and philanthropies I believe in and I will be SO FREAKING BUMMED if I don’t win. Oh and if I do win, you guys won’t know because, well, saaaaaaakurittttyyy. <-- BonQuiQui says that.

Here is BonQuiQui.