#NNPChristmas Favorite Things

No I'm not Oprah or Ellen.

I can't surprise you guys with a new TV, new car, or an all expenses paid trip to somewhere dreamy us normal folks can't afford. 

BUT, I can show you this little list of things I'm personally loving right now. 

Here we go!

If you're a Fixer Upper addict like I am, you've seen our JoJo use these fern wreaths all over the house for decorating! I love when she uses them in between dinner plates and chargers as part of the tablescape. Also, a tip to guys... if your girl loves some Chip + JoJo + Fixer Upper, shopping online at Magnolia Market is a great place to start! Plus it'll save you a U-Haul trip to Waco :)

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.31.35 PM.png

Pretty little pot holders! I think these are absolutely adorable to have in the kitchen. Now if your kitchen looks anything like mine after I cook, well be sure to read the tag on how to take care of these beauties :) I really think this is a great gift for a gal, because it's probably something she'd never buy for herself, but would love to have around!  

Flannel, flannel, flannel. I like to think it's a personal mission of mine to find the dreamiest flannel in town. However, madewell does this well... the boyfriend is longer in the back, so it goes perfect with leggings. It's incredibly soft and the shape holds up WELL. I've had flannels for years from Madewell and when taken care of, they look brand spankin' new! 

Ps: Red and black buffalo check is my all time favorite fall/winter pattern. Madewell also has socks and scarves... annnnnnd everything on site is 25% off!

I'm sure you could grab a good ol wallet case at a kiosk in the mall... BUT I feel like this is such a great grab for an adult working gal. I love the color options from GiGi because they're neutral with this particular case and have a subtle pattern at the same time. I feel like I've finally graduated in the tech accessory world and instantly feel more adult-like. You can detach the phone, if you don't need the whole wallet AND there's a gold monogram option. Sold. 

ps: if you want or need a regular case, they have a wide assortment of colors/patterns, too!

Do you love hats? Do you love to travel? Here ya go! I'm in LOVE with these Aviate hats from my girls over at South boutique. They have all of my favorite places [Charleston, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Los Angeles, New York as well as Auburn and Tuscaloosa] you can wear on your head! 

THESE ARE MY DREAM. I've had these bad boys for YEARS and continuously get compliments on them. They feel incredible and hold everything in [duh], because they are high waisted. And no one has to know you're wearing "spanx" ... BUY BUY BUY. You will love them and keep them for years. You're welcome. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.09.50 PM.png

The smell of this candle never gets old. I probably have about 5 of these in my house at all times. My husband doesn't understand why I would pay $28 for a candle but whatever. They burn for 85 hours and besides, if you smell it, you'll buy it. These delicious things make a perfect gift and come in the cutest mercury jars in a variety of colors. Anthro has a great selection [+ difference sizes!] and you can find them at various boutiques as well. 

If you're looking for a show stopping pair of [comfortable] over the knee boots to get you through the holidays, look no further! I bought these earlier in the season and they quickly became my favorite pair of boots. I even wore them on the sideline of a game I was on and never complained about my feet. I highly recommend these for they look great with jeans, leggings, shorts and skirts! They also don't break the bank. 

I LOVE this serving set! Again, I feel like this is a gift you never seem to buy for yourself, but would still love to give or receive. I personally love anything two tone and love how you can dress them up or dress them down... pun intended, if they're for the salad bowl :) 

Madewell is making the list again because, I have a slight obsession with their products. I LOVE this tote and it comes in three beautiful colors. I think it's a perfect mix of business casual and a great option to go from day to night. Madewell is currently having a 25% off sale, too. Zing!

Adult coloring book. Yep. It's a thing now. And I love that it's a thing. It's a perfect gift for all of those car rides and plane trips. Amazon and Michael's have a great selection! 

Anyway, I know it isn't much, but these are a few little things I've had or always have my eye on! 

Hope you like!