And I'm thankful for these kind people in my life.

"It comes to me with no surprise that Niki has ventured into the next chapter of her story with the same courage and vigor in which she took on the last. Her integrity has inspired me to step into my own calling, and I'm so excited to know she's now doing the same for a generation of women who are hungry for truth. And while Niki's charisma will certainly make you giggle, her heart will make you smile."

Kristen Ledlow || NBA TV


"There's no need to peel back layers of a facade to find out who Niki Noto Palmer really is - what you see is what you get.

Warm, uplifting, soulful and silly, Niki is a gal with gumption, and one whose passion and purpose are palpable."

***...she's fun to prank too :-) 

Coy Wire || CNN Sports Anchor and Correspondent


"Over the past few years of working in sports and television I’ve had a chance to see and get to many individuals, from all walks and disciplines of life. Sometimes upon meeting them, you’re either disappointed in learning the ‘true’ reality of that person and then other times individuals are pretty much what you would’ve imagined. Every now and again you meet someone you’ve seen or watched before, formed an opinion, and upon meeting them, get completely blown away.

This was the case when I first met Niki Palmer. For years I had seen her travel the country bringing the nation’s biggest college campuses, players and coaches into our living rooms. Her southern charisma and intelligence were already part of the public domain. You could already see how electrifying she is and the confidence she does with. Meeting her opened up an entirely different understanding.While working on an episode of her ESPN Road Trip on the University of Southern California, I got to know Niki much better. I got to see how compassionate and relatable she was. In the middle of filming a few local kids were trying to find a spot play soccer. While her entire team was shooting, she suggested we slide down the field so the youngsters could have a chance to play. Upon completing the shoot, I left to get water, when I got back to the field, Niki had accompanied a show intern in cleaning up the field. 

From then on I’ve been around her several times in many different situations and events and she’s the exact same ambassador each time. As a very accomplished, television personality, who would’ve had equal success as a model, Niki could - like so many of her colleagues - embrace a standoffish, ‘superstar’ approach to her professional and personal life. Instead, she’s the consummate ‘X-factor’ to whatever situation she finds herself in. She’s equal parts role model and inspired student. She is the most relatable ‘heavyweight’ person I know. 

I now, proudly know her as a close friend and confidant, that I’ve come to trust and rely on for input in my professional and personal challenges. The idea that she could literally do anything she wanted to but continues to make it a priority to help educate and serve others, makes her a gem. The fact that I get to call her a friend makes me extremely lucky."


Quarterback Engineer I ESPN Analyst

"From the moment I met Niki at my bridal shop I knew that we would be lifelong friends. There is something so genuine and real about her that makes you immediately fall in love. Yes, she is a correspondent for ESPN and married an NFL player but you would never know that about her unless you knew that about her. Niki has a heart of gold and a deep love for Christ. She has chosen to take a stand for her believes and to become a beacon of light and hope to others in the media spotlight. I am so incredibly proud of her for taking this leap of faith. Love you sister! I can't wait to support you on this adventure!"


Wedding Designer and TLC’s “Bride by Design” Host


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